Artist: Neon Palms
Director: Mikel Arraiz
DP: Jorge Roig


Horror-comedy film about the insecurities and overthinking that TV shows, religion, culture and belief systems create in us during male-female relationships and in courtship. It makes fun of us and the roles we take in that process, without making any moral judgements.

Film production: VALLE DEL CIELO


Director: Mikel Arraiz
DoP: Jorge Roig
Editor: Mikel Arraiz
Cast: Adrian Barinaga, Garazi Beloki, Rosa Nagore, Amaya Valmaseda, Sandra Azcona
Producer: Itziar Lacunza, Mikel Arraiz
Producer assistants: Naiara Olite, Rubén Alfonsea
1st AC: Leticia Iniesta
Grip & Electrics: Iratxe Aranguren, Iñaki Roldán
Make up: Amaia Mendo, Arantza Make
Costume Designs: Adriana Eransus
Colorist: Mikel Arraiz
Special thanks to: Hans, Pura, Marian, Victor, Two Rivers, Izar, Luis, Jose Antonio, Koldo


You are the nightlight
The reflections on her
I wanna like you
To like me again
But, you need to pay me boy
If you wanna be
Inside deep and deep of me

I´m coming
Baby I like the game
Baby I am getting wet
And it´s not raining yet

You wanna be safe
You wanna be brave
You wanna be
wanna be into the game

Are you coming
Are you coming
Are you coming tonight
Are you coming

You wanna be safe Can you make it
You wanna be brave
You wanna be You´re walking around
Wanna be into the game

You pay me with your mind
You pay me with your mind
I´m taking away
I´m taking away

I don´t wanna make you sad
I´ll take you to the liar land
I don´t wanna be afraid
You can solve my loneliness

Now you leave me alone
You made me a slave
You made me a clone
But I´ll call you again